Tour to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is rising from a tough past which has left it isolated and therefore its traditions were untouched by the globalization.

Freetown is the capital of the country and it means “the land of freemen”, it was funded by those slaves who have been freed in the Americas and returned to the “motherland Africa”. Here they developed an economic and cultural elite called Krio.

People form Sierra Leone are welcoming and like to show their traditions as the female masks’ society and the Poro, a very tough male initiation rite. In the heart of

virgin forests we meet the diamonds’ hunters who made this land sadly known. At the rising of the sun we will sail down long rivers crossing an impressive vegetation finally, we will meet chimpanzee and a rare endemic fauna.

The last part of the journey will cover one of the most scenic coastlines of West Africa. Sierra Leone was named after the rocky peninsula running to the East of Freetown: “the mountains of lions”. Here mountains and forests reach the ocean: gulfs, tiny estuaries, enchanted islands and the most scenic beaches of the Gulf of Guinea. Lastly, a short navigation will let us discover the beautiful Banana Island.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Guide: English speaking
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Day 1


Arrival at Lungi (Freetown) international airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2


Departure to Makeni, main city of the north province, famous for the market where local goods and colourful cloths can be found.

Later, visit to a typical village of Temne people where we will attend amazing traditional male and/or female dances.

Departure to Bo, the second main city of the country and capital of the Mende ethnic group

Day 3


Departure to reach Tiwai island of an incredible naturalistic charm. On this small island (12Km2) the native raining forest of West Africa can still be seen, the forest hosts a variety of plants, animals and primates.

Once in Kambama, we will embark on a small boat, crossing the river Moa to reach Tiwai.  On the way, visit to remote villages.

Day 4


Departure for a walk in the forest to discover plants, animals, chimpanzee and the rare endemic Diana guenon. If we are lucky, we might meet the shy and endangered pygmy hippo.

Back to Kambama, departure to Kenema, lively small town in the Eastern District, known for the mining of the diamonds.

Day 5


Departure to Boijabo, one of the main villages of Chiefdom of Simbaru. Meeting with an important chief: miss Mamie Gamanga from the Mende ethnic group, one of the few “Paramount Chief” ladies.

Later, tour of the surroundings villages to discover traditional dances. We can attend the Mende masks’ dance from the Sande secrete female society and the ones form the Poro male society.

Day 6


Departure to discover the famous diamonds’ mines of Sierra Leone.

Visit to a mining site, where we can get to know the different step of the diamonds’ search.

Later, we will take a walk among the small village to discover the “Diamonds’ shops” specialized in buying the precious stones.

Departure heading north-east to reach the breath-taking beaches of the peninsula in the Western Area.

Day 7


Departure to take a boat excursion in the Banana Island archipelago, a gem on the Atlantic Ocean. Stop at Dublin, one of the three island make up the archipelago together with Ricketts and Mes-Meheux. Visit to the village and retour.

Later, departure heading Tacugama Chimpanzy Sanctuary, to discover the chimpanzee. The Forest reserve stretches over 100 acre.

Departure to Abardeen, the most beautiful quartier of Freetown

Day 8


Departure to make a city tour along the busy roads of the old quartier of Freetown, the lively and crowded capital of Sierra Leone. Visit to the National Museum, stop at the most interesting highlights as the Cotton Tree and the central market- known for the artisanal.

After lunch, we reach the harbour of Freetown where a ferry will bring us to Tagrin.

Special evening: we will be guests of a large medical centre, which has a chirurgical area run by international volunteers to make the harsh health conditions better.

Day 9


Transfer to the bay of Rokel where will embark on a motorized boat, scenic sailing across a large creek to the east of Freetown.

Visit to Bunce Island, one of the main point of the slave trade in Western Africa. Stop at Tasso Island for the visit to an interesting ecotourist project made together with the locals.

Free time in the afternoon to make some excursions to the villages and near beaches.

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