Tour To Senegal: Jazz Festival at Saint Louis

St Louis hosts one of main African jazz festivals, where legends such as Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock performed alongside no fewer than 30 new artists every year. The event has expanded to include soul, blues, and even rap performances, held in the St Louis magic atmosphere.

An opportunity to travel to Senegal and discover Saint Louis, the small colonial “city” built on the Senegal River estuary; the small coastal villages where fishermen daily challenge the big ocean aboard their coloured pirogues; the Mouride Sufi brotherhood; the  Lac Rose which often shimmers into pink.

  • Duration: 8 days
  • Guide: english speaking
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Day 1

Dakar in

Arrival in Dakar  and transfer to the hotel. Free time to relax.

Day 2

Dakar contemporary art metropolis

Dakar became the center of political, artistic and intellectual “renouveau” from independence time. Visit of the “Plateau” district, the Governor Palace and some interesting markets . Afternoon dedicated to the “Village des Arts” . All disciplines of the visual arts are represented (painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, installation, etc.). The Village has a large gallery, which receives exhibitions year round. The Village is “the place” to meet the best artist and young talents of the Senegalese vibrant artistic scene. Arrival at the port of Dakar to board a ferry and spend a night in Gore Island.

Day 3

The edge of the Sahara

Waking up in Goré before the crowd arrives is a pleasure, as strolling in the tiny stone paved alleys of this historical settlement. In Goré slaves used to be crammed and then shipped to the Americas. The town is totally restored to bear witness of those ancient times, however thanks to the nice breeze, the ancient architecture, the many restaurants and boutiques; Goré today has become a very pleasant and trendy location. Ferry to Dakar and drive to Tuba-

The rarely visited the holly town of Tuba  is the right place to appreciate the hospitality of an African brotherhood.  During the annual festival the town is visited by four million pilgrims. Mouridi welcome any interest for their traditions yet since Tuba is a sacred town, all visitors should show respect for traditional rules, therefore we must apply a considerate dress code, not smoke, not drink alcohol and not listen to music during the visit. If we follow these simple rules, you will be welcomed. 

Drive to the Lampoul Desert .

Day 4-7

Saint Louis: Jazz in a charming town

We continue to Saint Louis, a charming old town which was the first capital of all French colonies in West Africa. On the banks of the Senegal estuary, it first became an outpost of the French colonial penetration – spices, slaves, gold and Arabic gum all arrived via the river. It was thanks to the ventilated climate and advantageous location, that the presence of European merchants had always been constant, even before the actual colonial period. The city itself was later built on two large islands, between the river and the ocean. Having been the former station of the “Aereopostale” airmail pioneer operation, Saint Exupéry himself – the famous aviator and author of “The Little Prince” – had a base here as well! The best way to visit the narrow lanes of Saint Louis is by calash, just as locals do!

We will have two half days excursions to Djoudj & Langue de Barberie to discover a unique humid and isolated ecosystem, limited to the north by the dunes of the Sahara and to the south by the dry Sahelian savannah. This “humid paradise” – the best habitat and nesting site for over a million of migratory and resident birds – lies on the southeastern bank of the Senegal River and offers a range of wetland habitats that are very popular with migrating birds, many of which get here after crossing the Sahara. Out of over 400 species, pelicans and flamingos are the most common, whereas aquatic warblers are a bit less conspicuous – migrating here from Europe, this park is their single most important wintering site yet discovered. Apart from birds, a wide range of wildlife is also present.

During the 4 days we will attend the main event of Jazz festival. Particularly the evening concerts.

During the day, time to relax, time to enjoy jam sessions, conferences….

Days 8

Lac Rose – Dakar out

Lac Rose, a shallow saltwater lake surrounded by dunes, also known as Lac Retba. The water is ten times saltier than in the ocean and thanks to the high concentration the lake often shimmers into pink. More than 600 workers here collect salt in the traditional way. Along the coast we discover the largest fisherman village in Senegal, more than 4500 wooden painted pirogues came to the shore with the catch of the day… We will live our vehicles for a less intrusive, but fun, donkey chariot to approach the fisherman selling to the local market women, to meet the artisans craving the large pirogues, the painters decorating them with bright colors and if  we are lucky the “local saint” for final blessing before sailing…

In the evening transfer to the airport for the flight out.


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