Crossing West Africa: exploratory expedition from Bissau to Cotonou


A vibrant crossing through the soul of West Africa. From the West to the East, diverse landscapes and cultures will be disclosed to us. Throughout forests, lagoons and tracks along the coasts we will visit villages, capitals, undiscovered nature and enjoy some relaxing time off on wild beaches.

TransAfrica is proud to offer a new crossing that reminds of an old-school exploration, led by our founder and West Africa expert: Alberto Nicheli.

The starting point is Guinea Bissau where we will listen to the Griots: the famous troubadours. Along tracks and coastal roads, upon our arrival in Guinea Conakry, we will be introduced to Malinkè, Peul and Baga ethnic groups. After crossing forests and lagoons, we will enter Sierra Leone. We will leave the mainland behind and we will be taken on-board a motorized canoe heading to Bunce and Taso, we will enjoy some relaxation time on wild beaches surrounded by fishermen villages.

The visit of the capital of Sierra Leone is an important step showcasing the lively Free Town and Tacugama, where chimpanzees are taken care of and rehabilitated into wildlife.  After leaving Sierra Leone, we will pursue our journey in Liberia. Through a small track in the rainforest, we will reach terrific liana bridges.

Once in Ivory Coast, we will head to the Guere ethnic group villages on board a 4X4. Our group will attend both the dance of their masks and the dance of the arty Dan masks. Across rubber, coffee and cacao fields we will arrive in Yamoussoukrou: a city characterized by an “over the top” taste, where Basilica of Notre Dame de la Paix is the replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Later, we will enter Ghana and walk along the slave coast admiring its forts, UNESCO heritage. Particularly, Elmina fort, surrounded by a harbour filled with colourful canoes. Accra, the capital, will amuse us with a mix between tradition and modernity: the old quarter of James Town vanishes into the ‘city’ where we will taste fusion cuisine.

Lomé, the capital of Togo, has a soul marked by another diversity. In fact, continuous migrations have provided it with a multicultural atmosphere. As we wander around the markets, we will discover the “Nana Benz” and voodoo fetishes. In Togo we will have the opportunity to learn about the main features of voodoo and Celestial Church religions.

The last stop of our adventure is Benin: Ouidah with its timeless atmosphere, as Chatwin put it, and Ganvie: a vast village built upon stilts, reached on board a motorized boat.

Overall, this is a trip in the best TransAfrica style.

  • Duration: 23 days
  • Guide: English, Italian, French
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We give you the possibility to join us during a part of the expedition.

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