BETWEEN SAHARA AND OCEAN: Ultimate Expedition Marrakech to Dakar-Bijagos Archipelago

A great variety of landscapes, cultures, and nature is reflected in the choice of  different transport means, each one best fitting to discover the different environments.

Inland: for most of the itinerary: roads, tracks and virgin sand dunes, our choice will be four-wheel-drive vehicles. In town, short drives in minibus; there will be also a brief but funny ride on a colorful local bush-taxi and a traditional calash.

On water:  fisherman boats,  ferry boat, aluminuim speedsboat to reach the Bijagos Archipelago. We will explore rivers, lagoons and mangrove forests on chartered local motor-pirogues.

A “peaceful raid” from north to south (or south to north) in unique changing landscapes that will start with the remote mountains of Djebel Sarhro meeting the last troglodytes. We will discover the beauty of Rio de Oro where dunes and waves merge. We will pioneer the undiscovered Western Sahara that we are the first to explore after 40 years of closure. Driving through the wild dune ranges to reach Chinguetti and the remotest oasis of Mauritania. From the Sahelian savannah of northern Senegal to Gambia and then the sacred forests of Casamance. We end up with a spectacular navigation within the Bijagos Archipelago reaching the longest line of mangrove in Africa.

Our itinerary runs on the “uncertain border” between land and water, between dunes and ocean, forest and lagoons, estuaries and islands. We will follow the flyways of migratory birds at the time of seasonal migration; birds will be a constant and discreet presence along the whole journey. We will discover the richest ornithological sanctuaries on earth. The unique two departure dates have been chosen to correspond with the migratory periods: in autumn, when millions of birds fly from Europe and Russia to winter in Africa, and in spring, when they fly back north. This special itinerary is a balanced mix of culture, nature and adventure in the best TransAfrica style.

  • Duration: 29 days
  • Guide: English, Italian, French
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Different lengths and prices correspond to different sections of this lifetime experience:

From 8 days of the shortest tranche to 29 days of the full expedition.

If you are a traveler with availability of time, chose the Full Expedition.

If your time is limited chose part of it, (you can always complete this lifetime experience afterwards).

In 2020 we will have following departures :

November 13th 2020 : from Marrakech – Dakar- Bijagos Archipelago

In 2021 we will have following departures :

April 03rd 2021: from Bissau – Marrakech

November 19th 2021: from Marrakech – Bissau

We give you the possibility to join us during a part of the expedition.

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