Livres à lire

Klaus E.Muller and Ute Ritz-Müller

Soul of Africa – Magical rites and traditions

photos by Henning Chistoph

Könemann 2000, Cologne

Augusto Panini

Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads

Skyra 2007

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

African ceremonies

HNBooks 1999 – 2002

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

Faces of Africa

National Geographic 2004

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

Nomads of Niger

HNBooks 1993

Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

Passages of Africa

HNBooks 2000

John Reader Africa – A biography of the continent

Vintage books – Random House

New York 1999

Thierry Secretan

Into darkness – Fantastic coffins from Africa

Thames & Hudson, 1995

Thorkild Hansen

Coast of slaves

Sub-Saharan Publishers, Accra 2002

Thorkild Hansen

Ships of Slaves

Sub-Saharan Publishers, Accra 2003

Robert Farris Thompson

Flash of the spirit

Vintage books, 1984

Michel Huet

The dances of Africa

Text by Claude Savary

Harry N.Abrams Publishers 199

George Packer

The Village of Waiting

Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1984

William Serle and Gèrard J. Morel

A field guide to the birds of West Africa

Marcel Griaule

Folk art of black Africa, 1950.