FAQ – Questions and Answers

Travelling in West Africa is dangerous?

It all depends on where you go, with whom and on what you do. Africa is not dangerous in itself, not more than other continents. But it is important to place your trust in serious and prepared operators, such as TransAfrica, that has made safety an ongoing concern.

A trip with TransAfrica is suitable also for children? From what age?

TransAfrica team is used to travelling with children. We can say that to really enjoy the trip they must be at least 8-10 years old.

In Africa people often meet poverty … and would like to help. How to behave, especially with children? Is it correct to offer money?

People are often tempted to give money to children since they see them with troubles and they are often begging. But giving money directly to children is not a good solution. We are at risk of doing more harm than good, as the sum that tourist can give at one time often represents more than what the father of the child can earn in one month. This can create dangerous imbalances in their relationships.

Are the populations really friendly? Is it easy to get in contact with them?

The populations with whom we enter in contact during the journeys proposed by TransAfrica are generally friendly.

The long lasting travel experience of TransAfrica has created so many relationships and friendships to guarantee true and rich experiences to travelers, even in the most secluded villages.

Are all the festivals offered by TransAfrica truly traditional or they are only staged for tourists?

The traditional festivals of the countries in which TransAfrica organizes the journeys are true and not “for tourists”. This is a specific “quality trademark” of TransAfrica: to offer the travelers the opportunity for genuine contact with the daily reality of the populations that they encounter.

Vegetarians in Africa can find suitable food?

Of course, in any country in which TransAfrica organizes itineraries it is possible to eat cereals, fruits, legumes and vegetables.

Is tap water drinkable?

We absolutely recommen against drinking tap water. You will easily find bottled mineral water all along your journey.

Is it necessary to travel with local currency?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary and our guides will help you exchange money at the best rates. It is better to travel with Euros rather than with USD.

Is it necessary to bring an adaptor?

Yes, it is recommended to bring your own adaptor.

Mobile phones – How good is the network in the visited countries?

The network coverage is almost 100% in all the countries we visit. You have the possibility to buy a local SIM card everywhere.

It is allowed to smoke in public places?

Smoking in public places is allowed in all the countries we visit, except for some restaurants.

However, smoking is prohibited in the vehicles used for the itineraries.

Is it possible to pay with credit cards in restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops?

It is almost impossible to pay with a credit card anywhere.