Tour to Ghana, Togo, Benin: Festivals and traditions – 2015
Twelve days to discover these amazing countries, which are among the richest and most interesting of West Africa. From the North, with almost unknown populations, to the South where you find evidence of a colonial past and voodoo celebrations, to the Ashanti and the traditional festival Akwasidae.
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Tour to Burkina Faso: Festima – the masks festival – 2016
Choose this tour exclusively in Burkina Faso and attend the Mask festival in Dedougou.There are a thousand good reasons to travel to Burkina, but only one of them makes it an absolutely unmissable trip: Attending FESTIMA, a great mask festival that takes place every two years in the city of Dedoug.
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Tour to Togo and Benin: Craddle of voodoo – 2015
Enjoy eight days of an intense and moving tour to Togo and Benin, two small countries yet filled with many traditions. We will meet with local populations who have always been performing the same ancestral ceremonies as they determine their entire lives, from birth to the afterlife.
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Tour to Ghana: Gold Coast – 2015
Join this fantastic eight day tour to Ghana and be filled with intense emotions: Discover how the Krobo people make their worldwide famous glass beads, attend Ashanti Funerals and experience the strangely happy atmosphere surrounding the whole ceremony.
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Tour to Togo and Benin: At the Heart of the Magical – 2015
Enjoy a trip in two countries running alongside the Gulf of Guinea, both as tiny as fascinating. This itinerary will take you from Lome to the Atakora chain of mountains where live the Tamberma and Somba people, going through the tropical forest in Kpalime and the cities of Sokode and Kara.
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