Burkina Faso

A land between rivers

a myriad of villages inhabited by different populations. In the south, the Lobi and Gurunsi have fortified houses; in the centre, the Mossi are organised into kingdoms; and in the north, we can find the Peul and Tuareg nomads. In the Bobo Dioulasso region, the Bobo and the Bwa dance with wonderful African masks.

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Festivals and cultural events

Burkina Faso is the land of festivals. In the Bobo Dioulasso region, the traditional mask festivals are celebrated in the dry season, but the offer is also extended with modern art festivals: FESPACO, the African film festival, and "Ouaga Jazz", music review.

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Tour to Burkina Faso: Tribal Art

Enjoy a trip to the women and men of Burkina Faso who keep on perpetuating their ancestral traditions everyday: the Gurunsi women who paint beautiful frescoes on the walls; the Lobi who still build fortified houses; the tiny villages where the Bwa people dance covered with spectacular flat masks.

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