Tour to Ghana: the Africa beyond the time
12 days
Come and live a twelve days adventure in a spirit of "expedition", that will take you to the heart of West Africa through Ghana, a country incredibly rich in traditions while experiencing an increasing modernity.
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Tour to Ghana: hiking and walking
15 days
A “slower” and gentler way to discover the rich variety of landscapes and peoples of this fascinating region on the Gulf of Guinea. In West Africa a few hundred meters off the main road you enter a totally untouched reality- this is exactly what we will experience.
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Tour to Ghana: Dipo ceremonies and Aboakyer festival
10 days
Every year, in Ghana, the Krobo people give birth to one of the most spectacular initiation ceremonies in West Africa: The “Dipo” ceremony meant for girls only. Over a long week-end, young girls are taught through ancestral rites how to be good mothers and wives. A highly colorful ceremony.
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Tour to Senegal: Ethnic groups between the savannah and forests
9 days
A comfortable expedition from North to South in a crescendo of changing landscapes: from the dunes of the southern edge of Sahara to the arid savannahs of Ferlo discovering one of the most important ornithological reserves in the world and large rivers and forests.
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Tour to Ivory Coast: At The Heart Of West Africa
11 days
A journey to a country that only very recently has again become accessible to travellers. An itinerary for real “pioneers” wanting to discover a multi-faced Africa. For travelers who like unfiltered journeys in Africa Every day will take you to genuine, vibrant and colourful tribal festivals.
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Tour To Guinea Bissau & Bijagos: The Sacred Archipelago
9 days
An amazing journey across an incredible variety of landscapes, colors and experiences. Guinea Bissau a still unknown country where borders between water and land change with each tide. An exciting itinerary perfectly mixing natural and cultural discoveries
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Tour to Senegal, Gambia,Guinea Bissau: Nature, Rites, Tribal & Contemporary Art, Live Music
14 days
An amazing itinerary crossing three countries from north to south to experience the spectacular variety of natural environments: desert dunes, savanna, estuaries, forest, mangrove swamps, to end with an ocean navigation to enjoy the Bijagos Archipelago without forgetting art, music and culture.
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8 to 23 days
Specials itineraries as portions of the ultimate Trans-Sahara and Black Africa expedition. Desert, adventure, tribal culture and wild nature. These journeys will be lead by Alberto Nicheli the TransAfrica founder and the discoverer of these new tracks!
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Tour To Senegal: Jazz Festival at Saint Louis
8 days
Once a lively French colonial trading port, the sleepy city of Saint-Louis in Senegal, West Africa, bursts into life for just a few days a year during the annual jazz festival. This Festival is one of the most important on the African continent and showcases jazz, blues, gospel and more ..
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Tour to Ghana, Togo, Benin: Festivals and traditions
12 days
Twelve days to discover these amazing countries, which are among the most interesting of West Africa. From the North, with almost unknown populations, to the South where you find evidence of colonial past and voodoo celebrations, by the Ashanti and the traditional festival Akwasidae.
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Tour to Ghana,Togo;Benin : amazing traditional festival Odwira
12 days
Discovering three countries that hosts authentic traditional cultures . In Ghana unique opportunity to attend the great ceremony Odwira, the event that celebrate the 20 years of Ashanti King reign. The celebration will bring together the Ashanti people around hundreds of tribal leaders.
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Tour to Ghana, Togo, Benin: Millet Festival
13 days
The celebration of the Millet Festival, among the Krobo people, is rich in colours and jewels. It happens every year during the harvest period. A terrific ceremony and a great time of joy to thank the ancestral spirits and to invoke protection for the year which is coming up.
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Tour to Ghana, Togo And Benin: Voodoo Festival
12 days
January 10th is always a very special day in in Benin, a day for celebrating ancestral cults. In particular all the Voodoo's adepts meet in Ouidah and then convey in a long procession to the Door of No Return, some on foot while other by motorbike or taxi brousse.
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Tour to Togo and Benin: At the Heart of the Magical
11 days
Come and meet with fetish priests, healers and oracles. Attend a fire dance, initiation rites and ancestral ceremonies and witness the state of deep trance the adepts can sometimes reach. Voodoo is originally from those countries, this part of the world where beliefs always remained authentic.
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