African Experience

African Experience

West Africa is the privileged place to discover the African animistic religions. Voodoo originated from the coastal regions of Guinea Gulf and is still wildly practiced, celebrations are spectacular: intense drumming, dozens of dancers falling into a deep trance….

Ganvie is the largest Stilts village in Africa and boasts floating markets… Fire dances are an impressive traditional night ceremony where the dance starts on the fire and dancers swallow embers. Forests are home to ancient African Kingdoms that periodically celebrate great traditional festivals, such as the Akwasidae in the Ashanti region.

Fortified and painted homes, real “clay castles” protect fetish and ancestor statues, (these dowels have inspired the Avant-Garde modern architects). On the wild savanna, nomadic shepherds heard Zebu cows in the constant search of grazing and water. Authentic “mask festivals” where hundreds of wooden masks compete in dancing performances before returning to the villages to celebrate annual ceremonies to invoke the rains. Visit historical towns such as Saint Louis and Dakar, the more cosmopolitan city in West Africa. Participate in concerts and events such as the Afro Portuguese and Tribal carnivals. Visit ancient castles and forts that overlook the Atlantic Ocean, visual reminders of the century old trade in gold, ivory and slaves…. Bijagos Archipelago is a “Geographic Jewel” of 88 islands with astonishing natural beauty that is home to remote communities.

West Africa offers great variety of traditional cultures that are still unexploited, as well as a unique wild-life experience such as a walking safari to “encounter” the Elephants, turtle nesting islands, or endemic species like the unique salt water hippos and the rarely seen African Manatees.

A professionally organized tour in West Africa is a “life time” experience that transmits vital force, energy and the pleasure of being personally the first, like an explorer. Our affectionate hosts have a saying: “Travel with TransAfrica is like being inside a National Geographic documentary”.