Who we are – TransAfrica team, nearly 30 years of African experience

TransAfrica provides a mixed team of European and African travel specialists, whose prime directive and motivation is to provide their clients with unforgettable travel experiences, all the while maintaining that fine balance between professionalism and warm hospitality.

The founder of TransAfrica is Alberto Nicheli. He is Italian and has been living in Togo since 1985. However, he organized his first trans-Saharan expedition in 1972. Alberto’s sense of adventure makes him the ideal manager of TransAfrica’s ‘Great Expeditions’. He truly represents the “nomadic” spirit of the agency and every year he devises new itineraries based upon his own exploratory travels in the region. He has a profound knowledge and understanding of African art and of the many traditions and customs of the people who inhabit these remote territories.

Alberto has been responsible for the organization in the field research for the photo-ethnographic book “African Ceremonies” by Angela Fisher and Carol Backwith, as well as for related material for National Geographic; he also managed the travel logistics and arrangements for a Discovery Channel film crew making a movie-documentary on the salt caravans of the Sahara. Alberto also worked on archeological and ethnological expeditions to investigate customs and traditions of the Tuareg people and the pre-historic rock art in the Sahara. He has also organized several ‘first-time’ explorations between Taoudenni-Oualata and Taoudenni-Chinguetti in Mali and Mauritania.

Roberto Cerea is also Italian. Married to a Togolese and proud father of two sons, Roberto is an expert in ethnology and has published a range of works on African traditions. In addition, Roberto has been responsible for planning the logistics of a number of research expeditions in the Sahara region for National Geographic, Public National Radio and RAI.

Alberto and Roberto are assisted by a talented team of well-experienced and friendly staff members, each of whom brings something special to the smooth functioning of TransAfrica: they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in West Africa.

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