About Us

TransAfrica is made of:

– TransAfrica, Head Office in Togo;
– Operational offices in Benin and Burkina Faso;
– TransAfrica Horizon in Ghana.

With nearly thirty years of experience in Africa, crossing the Sahara desert and organizing ethno-cultural journeys, we now enjoy a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the region.

With TransAfrica,

– You will meet traditional populations as Tamberma, Somba, Gurunsi and Lobi;
– You will visit fascinating sites such as the stilt village of Ganvie, the Royal Palaces of Abomey, Elmina and Cape Coast slave castles;
– You will attend great festivals such as: the Akwasidae Festival in Ashanti land, the Guelede, Egun, Zangbetto and Bwaba dancing masks, without forgetting voodoo ceremonies;
– You can take charming walks in the tropical forests of Kakum and Kpalime;
– You will discover interesting cities such as Lome, Kumasi or Bobo Dioulasso.

Over the years, we have established warm and friendly relations with traditional chiefs, priests and ethnic groups and our long-standing reputation allows us to travel freely and easily through virtually undiscovered territories, to even the most remote villages.

Expeditions are our specialty and passion for discovery is not only a quality that applies to Alberto Nicheli and Roberto Cerea, the two main tour leaders, but to all of TransAfrica staff. The places listed on our itineraries are specially chosen to make sure that traveling with us takes you straight to the heart of true Africa: traditional festivals, voodoo celebrations, tribal customs, initiation rites, local markets, architecture, masks… We get to all these places driving on remote roads and tracks still largely unexplored today.

As a direct result of both our logistical/technical experience and the privileged relationships we keep up with the local populations, our services are often requested by groups doing field research in the area. To date, we have worked in collaboration with Discovery Channel, National Geographic, National Public Radio (USA), Indigo Films (USA), RAI (National Italian Television) and Canale 5 (Independent Italian TV network), assisting with their production of special documentaries in the region.

TransAfrica is also one of the main contacts in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso for Tour Operators in Europe and North-America.

We guarantee an attention to detail and a high quality of service: our experienced guides, our well-equipped vehicles and our fine cooking will blend together and make your tour with us a rich, unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

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